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Why did you start Scrapbooking?

On a flight back from a US scrapbooking trade show recently, I (Allanah's husband) was reflecting on "Why do people start scrapbooking".

As a male who has scrapbooked only a little (and enjoyed it immensely), I guess I wasn't the most qualified person to answer, but it's something I've thought about a lot over the years and never really found an answer until recently.

I could never quite unravel what the primary motivation was for people to start scrapbooking.

I thought about the usual responses of creating memories, preserving history and providing an outlet for our creative expression. But every time I thought of these answers, something inside me wasn't quite satisfied with the answer.

Of course these were good answers but I wasn't sure they were the answer that I could settle with.

Then I stayed late at the shop one night to produce my first ever scrapbook page and there I began to understand how people become so addicted to scrapbooking.

I had a bunch of motor sport photos from days gone by that I created a page with, and I absolutely loved it.

I was taken aback by how much I enjoyed this essentially female hobby- there I was trying different colour cardstock, papers, design layouts, cutting and bordering in different ways - and I didn't want to stop.

I was secretly proud of what I had done. In fact when I got home after midnight, I woke Allanah up to show her my masterpiece. She did a great job in demonstrating unbridled praise at my new found skills.

Now, I would never want to show you my first ever scrapbook page because you would truly wonder how anyone could be proud of something like that, and of course relatively speaking, you'd be right.

After I had a bit of a taste for this new craft, I began to imagine creating a series of pages on each of my seven children featuring a single large portrait photo, embellished with journaling about their personality traits.

You know how we sometimes look at our kids and we can identify those one or two dominant personal attributes or traits about who they are as a person and the great opportunities these traits can offer them as they head into adulthood.

The sorts of things that fill parent's hearts with pride and expectation as they ponder on their children's future.

Well, I became quite enthused as I wondered how they would react to their often grumpy an impatient father, as I presented them with this memento to show them what I truly thought of them as a person.

How much I recognised and appreciated and loved them. How I believed in them and had high expectations of them to become all they were destined to be..... and regretfully how too infrequently I let them know it.

And I began to discover what part scrapbooking played in allowing our emotions to be practically demonstrated to our loved ones and ultimately, how it could significantly enhance our family relationships.

From that moment on I began to understand better about why people scrapbook.