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Scrapbooking for Alzheimer's Patients

Scrapbooking for Alzheimer's patients is becoming an increasingly popular activity.
I recall frequently walking into my mother’s room who has Alzheimer's, to find her cradling photographs of her friends and other scrapbooking photos from the past.
She would retell fond memories of her friendships from long ago and the great times they had together in youth. These were happy times for her and brought laughter and relief to an otherwise often stressful day.

Initiating activities around scrapbooking for Alzheimer's sufferers is an enjoyable way to revitalise the memory.

Who could possibly have foreseen that an object as simple as a childhood photo of an old house or a group of your high school friends from long ago, would become so important for improved mental health in old age?

Mental health professionals have found that scrapbooking is a very effective means for stimulating brains affected by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.
Memory-jogging activities like scrapbooking are being used more and more by experts to help draw people out says Daniel Kuhn, author of Alzheimer's Early Stages.
"People with Alzheimer's disease often don't initiate activities or conversation on their own. Making scrapbooks draws them out. The photos serve as prompts for early memories and a chance to talk about the past."

Neuropsychologist, Glenn Smith says that by gathering memories, you can bring important events and experiences from your loved one's past into the present. You're the link to his or her life history.

Setting some time aside to scrapbook with our loved ones or alternatively creating scrapbooks for them to keep in their room is a fabulous way to add to their quality of life during their later years.

It is a way of helping your loved one to remember their fond memories from earlier years and to put a smile on their face.

If you would like to have a beautifully created scrapbook photo album of your loved one but don’t have the time or inclination to do this, we can do it for you.

Alzheimer's affects more than 26 million people worldwide. It is a disease of the brain where important chemicals that transmit messages begin to diminish, resulting in loss of memory.

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