My Scrapbooking Hobby

by Maureen
(Miami Florida)

After gardening and baking, scrapbooking is my latest hobby. My first encounter with this fun activity was when I visited my cousin in California. She had made about four scrapbooks and they were amazing! Flipping through the pages took me back ten years ago when we were all kids growing up. I loved her design and her organized arrangement of the photos and other bits and pieces. The best part was the notes on the side of every page, a sort of summarized version of the scenario.

I decided then and there that I would start making scrapbooks of my own. My first project was to collect all the memorabilia of my college days. For that I needed the cooperation of my friends. Thanks to facebook, I contacted them and asked for their old photos and other interesting material. I got a lot of quick responses and so I started right away on my project.

Sorting dates, prom nights, annual dinners, graduation day and of course, student reunions was a tedious task and one that required carefully detailing and effort. It took me about two weeks and finally my scrapbook was ready. And I must say, it looked just perfect!

I invited my friends for tea to show off my prize possession. Seeing the scrapbook was like a trip down memory lane in our minds. We all had a good laugh and some tears as well.

I enjoyed making this scrapbook so much that I took it up as a hobby. I also do scrapbooking for people at a modest price. Friends and family who know I do this work, often send me a big box full of photos and stuff and request me help them out. I do so willingly as I enjoy my work.

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