Rally Motorsport Scrapbooking - My First Layout

Well here it is my first ever scrapbook layout.
This was created (I use the word 'created' very generously) using some old rallying photos I had from my motor sport days.
At most events there would be a photographer present who would later send all competitors a bunch of photos to buy off him and I would frequently make purchases so I ended up with quite a stash.

I was involved in rallying for about seven years where I competed nationally and internationally. The late Possum Bourne, myself and David Strong won the World Teams Prize at a round of the World Championship in Perth in 1989.

One thing that rallying taught me about life was how complex we are as human beings.
I went through my early childhood and high school years doing very poorly at just about every sport I tried and for that matter anything that involved practical skills or co-ordination of any sort.
As they used to say I was very 'unco'.

So when I discovered rallying through my friend Jeff Judd, I was as surprised as anyone to discover that not only did I love it but I became quite good at it.

Now as a Career Counselor, I am very wary about putting people in boxes in regards to their gifts and abilities and the careers that should logically follow.
I am constantly amazed at how many times I find myself secretly saying "I wouldn't have ever picked her as being good at that".
Sometimes when all the external signals seem to be pointing in one direction for a particular persons career direction, they defy those outward signals and excel in a completely different area.
We are a complex people.