Why Scrapbookers Love a Recession

There is a lot in the media these days about our recessionary times and it got me thinking about what this might mean from a scrapbookers perspective.

A recession often causes us to re-examine what things are truly important to us.

A person who scrapbooks is likely to be reminded that “my family, close friends and the great memories of these relationships are a central part of my life.”

Sometimes we forget that scrapbooking is really about people and relationships.

Here is a little exercise to prove my point. Go find your favourite three layouts, the ones that after years of scrapbooking still top your list. Now I want you to tell me if any on those layouts do not have people in them. Now remove any photo on your layout that has any person in it. And tell me if the layout is still your favourite.

I know it’s a dumb question. But it does emphasise how scrapbooking is really all about people, the people that we love and care for.

There will probably be exceptions to this example, like a layout of our pet or some layout that doesn’t have either of these elements present. A pet of course is often the ‘significant other’ in a person’s life so the same notion is present. But any other exception probably just proves the rule.

So in these recessionary times allow your heart to be filled with confidence that your scrapbooking aligns with those fundamentals of life that are important to you and have lasting meaning.

Things that, when you are gone, will still be here. Things that your ancestors will thank you for. On reflection, this temporary recession doesn’t seem quite as bad any more.

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